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Our Story

Beginning with a notion by Theo Aldenzee, who’s maternal forebears are namesakes of  “van Deursen”, he estimated (in 1999) there could have been a number of approx. 8000 persons bearing that name in past few centuries. From there it developed into a comprehensive atabase.

In 2004, Guus van Deurzen joined the project, followed by Nick van Deursen in 2007. This team, scanned all available official sources for namesakes, culminating in the collection called “van Deursen 8000 World-Wide”, which is due to be published in 2011 by “familiearchivaria”.

As a reward for the many thousands of hours spend on this project, the 8000 quartet would appreciate a non-commercial approach be taken by would-be family-tree researchers or any other person or persons wishing to use part or all of this information.

In cases where a commercial interest is intended, permission should be requested and agreement sought on authors royalties.

 van DEURSEN 8000 World Wide” is a collection of persons with the surname, “van Doerne, van Deurzen or van Deursen, the name being a toponym of a place called “DEURNE”.  Names are inclusive of spelling variations that meet the following criteria; one forebear or progeny must literally have one of the original names. Included are: Namesakes with their spouses/concubines/partners, Parents in-law and differently named own- step- foster- and adopted children with their spouses and parents in-law. Former and subsequent spouse(s) and their former and subsequent partners. The condition “Step- Foster- and Adopted” will be recognised as belonging to the same “household” in this work.

We must stress that “van Deursen 8000 World Wide” is not the work of qualified genealogists!

 Deurne as a toponym: This work does not elaborate on toponyms as such; for that you may refer to the authors, who have (scientifically) researched toponyms (and still are). They acknowledge that Deurne in the Brabantse Peel, is the most prominent, but the same names occur also in other places. (Deursen, Dorne, Dueren etc.) In any event “van Deursen” will remain a toponymical name.

Genealogy: This work is not meant to be an “off the shelf” family tree. The research and comprehensiveness is up to the individual.

This project “van Deursen 8000 World Wide” is meant to make research of family history and family trees less time consuming by referring to official sources as much as possible. In contrast to most databases, containing names, places, events, etc, This work concentrates on only one surname, i.e. “van Deursen” and the variations of its spelling.

 As well as mainly: BHIC, RHICe and other HIC’s, we thankfully used Gemeentearchief Gemert-Bakel and several Internet sites like. www.docu-data-deurne.nl  and www.docudeurne.eu  and similar.

We also received assistance from Heemkundekringen  as

 HKK. H.N.Ouwerling in Deurne, HKK Lange Vonder in Laarbeek and others.

Our respect and appreciation goes to the many transcriptors e.g. Willy Ivits, Pieter Koolen, Henk Beijers, Simon van Wetten, Ludo Boeije, Anton Vissers and many more.

Privacy: The content is restricted to maximum: Born before1911, and/or deceased before 2007.

The data in archivalia at  and vandeursen8000@Gmail.com  are for private use only:


Authorised by:  familiearchivaria@gmail.com

Authors: Guus van Deurzen (1964) from Tilburg Nederland, Nick van Deursen (1945) from Castlemaine Victoria Australia,  and  Theo Aldenzee (1946) originator and co-ordinator from Stein, Nederland.

Compilation, lay-out  and manufacturing of this site by Theo Aldenzee.

 Copyright: Compiled from public sources, this information is free from royalties (with exception of commercial enterprises such as genealogical sites via the Internet) We would appreciate mentioning of official source  “van Deursen 8000”   short “ -vD8-  “.

Advice: We strongly recommend checking data with official government sources, to prevent duplication of any possible errors, especially if you intend to post your family tree on the internet. We will pass on official sites wherever possible.

Thanks: The authors had the benefit in the period 2004 t/m 2011, to make use of the co-operation of dozens of amateur-genealogists, and a number of friendly reading-room managers and staff and volunteers in the various HIC’s, SA’s en GA’s; administrators of data-bases and authors of existing publications.

Purpose: This work was created for current and future family-tree researchers, related to one or more persons documented herein.

The team Wishes you  as much pleasure in reading it, as we had in making it.

If you make use of this product, we would like a little message to say you did.

Thank you

Stein, march 2011

Team –vD8- Nick, Guus en Theo